Our pet's presentation

This week, we have been asked to create a pet that will accompany our tasks for SOYER subject during this four-month period. Its role is to be a distinctive symbol that represents Lovely teachers group.

As we are training ourselves so as to become primary school teachers, we decided that an original pet could be a blackboard. This was mainly because it is related to our future occupation and, moreover, it could be used to reflect the topic of the week as well.

We bought a blackboard and decorated it so that it was actually creative and unique, since we think that an important skill a teacher must have is creativity and imagination. The process of its transformation included covering it with glitter material, creating her face, hair, hands and feet and dressing it. Moreover, we will dress it every week in a different way, according to any important fact that occurs. For instance, during T-PACK presentation, it has worn a custom, as this week is carnival.

Regarding our pet’s name, we had several ideas in mind. However, we finally chose ‘Brownie’, since we considered it catchy and it represented, at some point, the main colours it has. 

We also thought of a motto in order to represent our group: SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A TEACHER. Our decision was based on our consideration of the crucial role a teacher plays in the society. Teachers ‘shine’, as they are the agents who give the opportunity to children to shape their future. It was also related to the materials we used to make our pet, whose main aim was to catch people's attention. We reflected this slogan in Brownie’s back.


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